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07 February
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check below for our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do drop me a message at and I’ll be happy to help

I don’t live locally to you, can you still help me?

Of course!  I can support families all over the world. All consultations and follow up calls can be done via telephone or Facetime/Skype.

I don’t want to leave my baby to cry, are there other methods that you can advise to help me get my little one to sleep better?


I would never advise leaving a baby to cry with no comfort for long periods of time.

Whilst I can’t promise no tears, (as we all know babies cry, for many different reasons), I will always take into account your own preferences and advise you on different options.

I take many factors into account, including parental preferences, the child’s age and temperament.

I would never push a family into something they aren’t comfortable with, and there are many gentle ways of helping your little one get better sleep.

How long will it take to see an improvement in my child’s sleep?

This is a very difficult question to answer as each child and each situation is unique.  It depends very much on the child’s temperament and the specific challenge as to how long it takes to see improvements. I will be on hand throughout your support package however and can quickly see what is and isn’t working and make changes accordingly

I have read all the books and tried everything with no success. How will you make a difference to our lives?

There are so many books and so much information out there,  it’s easy to get overwhelmed with it all, especially as an exhausted parent.

I will work closely with you to build up a picture of what is happening with your little one’s sleep and come up with a bespoke sleep plan tailored purely to your particular circumstances.

This, along with the ongoing individual support for the duration of your chosen package, takes into account not only your child’s age, temperament and sleep challenge but also your own current family situation.

How much are your support packages?

You will find information about my 1:1 support options here.

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